Guided by the precious experience of Renaud and Mireille Marlier, I also decided to study and practice the different styles of medieval painting.
I owe my practical experience of calligraphy to the proficiency of Bernard Arin.

It is of course a mere illusion to believe that all painting techniques, that were developped for more than thousand years, can be fully mastered. However I dedicate myself to most faithfully create or reproduce this little works of art on parchment.


What I propose:

You are sensitive to the beauty of roman or gothic painting.
You would like to get yourself an authentic medieval style illumination.

Originals are rare and extremely expensive (you must generally allow from 10.000 to 100.000 Euros for a nice miniature).

I propose to create, adapt or reproduce miniatures and other kinds of illuminations according to medieval standards: goat or sheep parchment, gum arabic and egg tempera, 23 carats gold leaf gilding on gum ammoniac or burnished on a gesso ground, according to style.

The value of an illumination depends on the quality of materials (parchment, gold, semiprecious stone pigments or not...) and on labour time conditionned by the style of work, the richness of details and the quality of finishing.
A nice work takes about 40 to 80 hours to complete.

You fell in love with a particular illumination or have a personnal idea in mind...
Do not hesitate to get in touch with to discuss the matter...